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Travel Journal to South Africa

From France to Johannesburg

Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's time! Several weeks of reverie will finally materialize.
But we still need to leave the country and the continent to achieve in this world that is majestic southern Africa.
First step is Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, our little town of Soissons located a hundred kilometers, it will be the rapid. But it promises, Gare du Nord, we still managed to get lost! After this small time cons, twenty minutes from RER B will be sufficient to reach the airport.
16:00, past all the formalities and with an hour delay, our plane took off for our stopover in London (when waiting since 13:00, it's been long !!!).
London Rebelote an hour late, so it makes us take off at 20:30!
Relieved, no more waiting hours and red!
On the plane to say nothing, everything is made to the ten-hour flight goes well: movies, music, games and two meals compliment the flight.


Friday, June 8, 2007

6:45 am landing at Johannesburg! It takes the same and is repeated after waiting at customs and the little bit of buffer, we retrieve our bags.
We're a little lost, our plane took off in Upington for an hour and we still save our tickets and our luggage.
In addition, our departure terminal is not found!
A little stressful, a country that we do not know!
But surprisingly, a man who works for the airport in a jiffy, we took our luggage and explain the procedures!
But this good act of charity at a cost!
We require forty euros each, this service us well serviced but we did not ask! After negotiation, a ten euro note will do. Last lap and the adventure begins!
After seven hundred kilometers in a twin-engine of forty seats, not very comfortable but thrills, we finally arrive at the airport in Upington. Our rental car ahead as planned, a Fiat Palio impeccable with just thirteen thousand km on the clock!!

car south africa

It remains for us to find a bank and do the grocery shopping, so direction Upington!
This could be a mere formality in France, is a bit more complicated here!
First line left unclear the first time, and fatigue did not help, we find an hour to downtown, where at least one neighborhood to refuel!
Second point, probably anxiety, but this town are adorned not very welcoming! vagrants and prostitutes lining the roads, and we want to let go of the looks that say a lot!
We dénichons finally a place in a small alley. The bank is only a hundred meters, but on site, no credit card.
So turn back to the car, but the two men scrutinize carefully. I do not open, they seem a little fishy and with everything that was said about South Africa, I'd rather not take chances and I await the return of Roman!
We decamp quickly make this city, still without money and without commission!
First impression of South Africa is rotten!
But out of the city, towards Augrabies Falls, everything is different!
The few cities such as Kakamas on the N14 or Alheit, make us more comfortable, we are withdrawing the liquid and buy a pack of beer.
We continue our road to Augrabies Falls, an hour is enough to get there.
We can finally breathe! But night falls quickly here, just enough time to settle down, enjoy our beer, we must already prepare the pitch!
At 18:00, the night brings with it a freshness that we were not expecting! We shall be satisfied at once skewer and sausage, and half an hour will suffice to plunge us into a deep sleep!