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Magoebaskloof in the region of Limpopo

Fall invonlotaire in a stream... We are in the middle of nowhere, it is green, that changes bordering countries which we visited.
We are at the top of the waterfall, and little breaks neck as we are, we are going to join the approval by following this river!!
Very sports this hike, we go out of it tempered!!
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Etosha National Park.

Our first meeting with the lions... And it is not finished, our famous elephants make their appearance, and this time this, a little more active!!
The herd drinks in the middle of the lions, who leave place(square). Who is really king of animals??
The park closes in thirty minutes, we negotiate even some minutes to admire this show, but really needs to leave now!!
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Augrabies Falls

On about twenty meters a river cross-posts(pours) his(her,its) stream, no problem, one remove our shoes and it left!
The water is rather fresh but it is pleasant, the reeds which line the road give an impression from wilder!!
After this small event first contact of the day, a pick-up returns us to our campsite.
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Cap Cross

Meeting with Sea lion... The Cape Cross what it is?? It is five hundred miles piled up seals some on the others on a small end of earth.
It is really impressive! But that been able to really it urine in two kilometers around. We study a little their behavior and continue towards Brandberg.
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Travel video to Namibia


African singing... We arrive finally at Sesfontein, it is a small village, without big interest, but interesting to observe the rural life of put off Namibia.
The poverty is there omnipresent. We settle down to Strong Sesfontein Lodge. After our daily braii, we insist in one chorale of the children of the village.
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Epupa Falls

So Epupa Falls, first unpleasant surprise, more places, campsites are all complete!!
Second unpleasant surprise, the mentalities here belong to the Westerner, they got well the vein of the tourist business!!
We manage all the same to negotiate another campsite, Hot Springs opens its doors for a series of 4X4!!
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Travel video to Namibia

Dune of namib : Sossusvlei

The panoramic view... This time this, final straight before Sossusvlei!
Arrived near Sesriem, an entrance fee is compulsory to pursue our road. But to say all the truth, we are crossed besides, no guard, opened gate, we do not ask more questions than that and we go into the reserve.
After about sixty kilometers, raises itself majestic dune 45!
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People Bushmen

Dance San... The car is now hurt, that should not raise any more problem.
But in eight hundred meters of the village, we meet face to face with a car, which it is sunk. We are obliged to stop and we sink in turn. By means of Without, we put half an hour in dredged both cars.
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Travel video to Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

Prevent that we are relieved by four hundred pula!
We finally arrived in famous Victoria Falls, really magnificent.
Several hundreds meters long, on a depth of more than hundred meters, that's right Victoria Falls!!
Blurred it is striking. We are completely dipped while the sky is of an azure!
Victoria Falls

Travel video to Botswana

Delta of Okavango

Ballad by boat on the delta... And this after noon, to forget our disappointment of the mokoro.
We leave making a round trip, a fishing rod in hand, we are ready to face Tiger fish!!
This trip by boat is really pleasant, we perceive crocodiles at the edge of the bank and fish for Tiger fish!!
Very amusing, we are in high spirits a little more, because at the moment Botswana enormously disappointed us.
Travel Journal to Botswana