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Cheap Stays and circuits in Namibia

namibia in afrique Flag Namibie

Status of Country : Republic of Namibia
Capital : Windhoek
Main cities : Walvis Bay , Swakopmund
Area : 825 418 km ².
Population : 2,100,000 million
Density : less than 2.54 inhabitants per square kilometer
Language : English
Polity : Democratic Parliamentary
Head of State : Hifikepunye Pohamba
Prime Minister : Nahas Angula
Currency : Namibian dollar (Nad)
Religions : Christian (80%), Animist (20%)
National anthem : Land of the Braves
Map Namibia

Namibia is a country in southwestern Africa, it is part of Southern Africa.
It borders the common vector in North Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe in the far east (The Caprivi Strip), Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south.

This country with an area equal to one and a half times that of France, to an arid to semiarid, is therefore part of the country where population density is lowest in the world.
Namibia is the country dreamed for anyone they want to discover Africa, the scenery is varied and beautiful nature is intact and animals wildlife abound.
Epupa Falls
Epupa Falls
Namib Desert
Desert of Namibia
quiver tree at sunset

Also this country is safe for tourists, a little caution still to big cities such as Windhoek and some areas, but a climate of security and sérinité is omnipresent.
Namibia relies on tourism for dévelloppé economically, and increased rates of entrance fees to nature reserves and accommodation is regularly practiced.
Moreover Namibia to another potential, these are those people, smiling, warm and authentic as the Himba people, or Bushmen.

Bushmen People
Himba People

» Tourist Guide to plan your trip to Namibia:

» The hotels and lodges in Namibia:

Namibia developing fortemant in tourism, hospitality keeps pace.
The range of accommodation range from € 15 at night to hundreds of dollars for a luxury hotel, for those facilities, comfort, service, restaurant and part splendite are waiting for you.
But in my opinion, do not forget the many campsites and restcamps of Namibia, you will reconnect with fondamentals the trip, and with an unforgettable Africa.
We selected for you the hotels that are worth visiting, and to view all the hotels in Namibia , follow the link.

Gocheganas Lodge in Windhoek
Gocheganas Lodge Windhoek
Price from 196 €
Swakopmund Hotel Enternment
swakopmund hotel enternment center Price: 172 €
Etosha Safari Camp
Etosha Safari Camp
Rates from € 90
Hoodia Desert Lodge (Sossusvlei)
Hoodia Desert Lodge
Price: 231 €
Nest Hotel Luderitz
Luderitz Nest Hotel
Price: 60 €
Suricate Tented Camp (Rehoboth)
Suricate Tented Camp
Price from 125 €
Kapika Waterfall Camp (Epupa Falls)
Kapika Waterfall Camp
Price from 135 €
Villa Verdi Guesthouse Windhoek
Villa Verdi Guesthouse Windhoek
Price from 49 €

» Rent a car in Namibia:

To move in Namibia, it is best to rent a car or a standard 4x4 depending on the season or where you want to go (eg 4x4 mandatory during the rainy season, shipping in Kaokoland, .. .) .
Few cities in Namibia offer be possibilities to rent a car, the easiest way is to take your car rental in Windhoek , at the airport or in town, otherwise you can always move a train or bus and rent your car in Swakopmund, Luderitz, etc. .
Listed below are the cities where you can rent your car:
- rental car in Namibia

» Flying Namibia:

The national airline is Air Namibia, a lot of tracks are available in Namibia, but few cities have fairly large airport for flights nationnaux and internationals.
For flights internatiaux, This is the airport of Windhoek, the origins or destinations in other countries are feasable, (see Flight Windhoek ) . For your other flights nationnaux, here's a list of cities with air infrastructure large enough to move through the air across the country: Flight prices and airline tickets in Namibia .

» Area codes in Namibia:

Call from France to Namibia: 00 + 264 + area code + number of regions corresponding.
Call of Namibia to France 00 + 33 + the number to 9 digits (excluding 0 previous code region).

» Budget and cost of living in Namibia:

Petrol price: N$ 6.7 approx 0.67 €
Cigarettes Price: N$ 17 approx 1.7 €
Restaurant Price: approx 7 €
Price Bar (beer 75 cl): approx 0.9 €
Accommodation prices:
» Camping Price: between 5 and 8 €
» Price Lodge / Guesthouse between 15 and 30 €
» Luxury Prices: above 40 €
Price of Food

» Getting around Namibia :

quality track and roads in Namibia .
The ground infrastructure: 5450km of paved roads and 37 000km of pistes.
Maritime infrastructure: The main ports are Walvis Bay and Lüderitz.
The rail network: 2382km.
Runways over 300.

» Where to go and what to visit in Namibia

- in Sossusvlei & Sesriem
- Etosha National Park
- Fish River Canyon Hobas and Ai-Ais
- Quivertree Forest & Giants Playground
- Mount Brukkaros
- Bwabwata National Park
- Mudumu National Park
- Mamili National Park

» Best time to visit Namibia ?

- From October to December: hot and dry season called short rains. The rains are increasing with the day.
- From December to April : Rainy season austral summer and very hot in the interior (cool nights) and more pleasant temperatures on the coast. The hydrometer is higher in the north.
- From May to September : This is the period of winter and the dry season. More pleasant temperatures and even colder nights always cool (down to -10 ° C in the desert).

» Emergency numbers in Namibia :

- Police: 10111 + area code
- Ambulance: 211 111 + area code
- Medical assistance: area code + 249 777

» Book store:

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