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Travel Journal to South Africa

Of Echo Caves to kempton Park

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We visited quite a few things today. First the Echos Caves, we were not sure, what it was like. In fact it's just a cave built for tourism.
So we pay and we went home but a lady stopped us. It's a tour group and more!

Echo caves
Echo caves

Not really terrible, especially that Thierry is caving. We continue to see the picturesThe in Blyde River CanyonThe entrance is too expensive, we go! Then there was a reptile park, why not? it can be fun!
But can not find it, we leave and decide to start driving towards Johannesburg.
We drive, but nothing, it's dark and there are a lot of fog. It's funny almost everyone drives a warning! In turn we Middelburg, Botshabelo and to s'arrêtons to spend the night. First night in the car in South Africa!

Monday, August 6, 2007

We are just opposite a small park or camping is possible. Impeccable we can wash the car and spent the night there, we are very far from Johannesburg!
But it is almost abandoned, we are just ten minutes, the time to do our basic needs!
But leaving the guard wants us to pay the entrance fee and over the night! No question we are raising the tone, and as we came off again. We find a Guesthouse to Kempton park, Five minutes from the airport.

kempton park
Mac's place, kempton park

We turn the car Carwash, doing the final preparations for departure, and stroll while waiting for the big day.
We are quietly located in the courtyard, when a detonation occurs. A shot has just been shot in our street, two seconds later a man short all legs followed by police.
Our first scene of violence from our trip, we knew the suburb of Johannesburg was dangerous, but not enough to attend our eyes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is the big day, our plane took off for London at 21:00. We take a hearty breakfast, good shower, calmly what! But the boss turns us to the room at 11:00!

Mac's place South Africa
Guesthouse : Mac's place

No choice, we leave for the airport, making the car took twenty minutes ago and now has to wait again and again. The eight-hour wait went quickly after all. This adventure is nearing its end, it was amazing, a lot of personal enrichment!

Back in France
Back in France

It would have to repeat, first, more car rentalIs more weight than anything else. Unable to leave the car so to make multi-day hiking trips, it has really missed it! And the second point, no return ticket, total freedom is the only way to enjoy it!!