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Travel Journal to Namibia

Fish River Canyon

Monday, June 11, 2007

Departure 9:30 am, it starts well, two hours late! Five degrees to the small on waking, we can barely get out of down!
But do not linger too, three hundred eighty kilometers ahead of us today!
We ride, ride, but a hundred mile border post Velloorsdrift, we decided to take a shortcut.
Bad idea, this line of very poor quality we will lose an hour!
Aside from that we have a cigarette lighter, the passage through customs is carefree.
So next step, the city of Karasburg, for refueling and provisioning.
An hour is enough to achieve this, the C10 is a beautiful dirt road.
Karasburg, is the first sign of civilization as we meet for a hundred miles, and she seems very nice!
German colonial style houses beautiful, palm tree, ...

Town of Karasburg in Southern Namibia

Service station in sight, we can do super full of gas!
First change, the service is so complete, that makes us a full and another which we washed the windows.
Y needed it, paved roads, no one knows for now!
But unfortunately, poverty in Africa is catching up quickly, a small crowd gathers around our car and the first words are money, money-loop!
I have a little trouble to remain indifferent to the poverty, but Roman remains firm.
We just let the rest of the money at gas station attendant, a smile lights up her face.
Logically after refueling, it is the supply. Perfect, just off!
But little problem, Roman does not feel, can be too crowded!?
So we continued our journey to Hobas, we see the color of tar on 20km from B1 to borrow.
We take this opportunity to sip a beer on one of the many rest areas.

Some time later, Grunau, we turn on the C12, to find our dirt, dust is really heavy on these fifty kilometers but the view is beautiful, we can see the first sketches of the canyon.
The Ostriches also make their first appearances but barely out devices, they are long gone!
We will be obliged to 5:30 Augrabies Falls - HobasThe campsite is nickel, but the tariff of fees have doubled!
Okay, we will stay one night instead of three!
After installation of the camp, and tasting of our little pitch, we go full speed for the sunset over the canyon.

Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon

After a stop at the point of view, we try hiking at dusk, but after the appearance of a jackal or something like that, we decided to go for a good night's sleep

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In the early morning, our first trouble begins!
After a fairly eventful trip to the tracks that run along the canyon, the sentence came down, we suffer a slow puncture!
Maybe, maybe not, we'll see if it gets worse.
Burst after five days of adventure, we cooled it a bit!
And to top it off, camera H.S!
After a test is the LCD which took in a coup. No possibility of framing.
The pity is not used for anything, we'll do with it.
Because for us the tracks are impassable canyon and down the canyon is prohibited, we take the road on the Ai Ais the Fish River Canyon.
The seventy miles to the d324 are sandy, but it rides well and the desert landscape is beautiful.
The price of admission is the same as Hobas, ie one hundred seventy dollars per day Namibian, but it's worth it.
A Hot Springs pool fed with water at thirty five degrees. After a few dives, we relax around a pitch with a few cats to keep us company.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today, five-hour walk in the canyon. Every minute the amazement was everywhere.
But even in austral winter, the heat is intense and the hike in the canyon between sand and pebbles is not easy.

hiking in the canyon of Ai-ais
Hiking in the canyon of Ai-ais

We observed a small group of baboons, our presence did barely disturbed. But caution was still!
The five hour hike over, back to camp, where necessary to reflect on our economies.
Our pleasures are not really compatible with our budget!
Finished the lovely cold beer, which were yet so pleasant.
We leave as Ai Ais, and start looking for a rest area and spend the night!
A little difficult to choose our corner! But 130km away, on the B1, we find finally decided that it will be one!
Two hours of night driving, among the many trucks and wildlife be cautious!
No excess, we are not exceeding the 70km / h, and fortunately we avoid a gazelle narrowly.