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Travel Journal to South Africa

The discovery of Kruger National Park

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A hundred miles separates us from the door Pholaborwa! The park is at the easternmost point of South Africa to the Mozambique border.
First good surprise, the scenery is beautiful, quite a relief. Completely different from the monotony of Etosha!!
We observe elephantBuffalo, crocodile, Hippo, not a carnivore, but it will probably be tomorrow!

kruger park : elephant
Elephant in Kruger Park

Elephants are quite active here, we were quietly taking a picture of a small group of them, when comes out of nowhere, an elephant with her calf.
To clear a path breaking shrubs that stand, she wants us to simply clear out of here, than we need no more, we enclenchons the first and start with a bang!
It is dusk, must either leave the Kruger ParkOr sleeping! We do not want to go out there and galleries to find a campsite. It should sleep inside the reserve, but there is a risk that the camps are full.
We faufilons thus avoiding the reception, and s'installons in a corner that will not disturb anyone.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The morning started badly, a South African made a reverse and we stoned the car!
It's a rental car, hoping that our bond of four hundred and fifty euro is not charged. The damage is not very important, but hey, it was never ... We're pissed off, having an accident at the end like that is really too stupid.
But the appearance of a Serval, a kind of small cheetahMakes us quickly forget the accident and we replongeons in contemplation of wildlife!

serval in Kruger park

We arrive at a water point, nobody, really weird because this exceptional place.
Then the topo's, a pool, with two being three crocodiles dip, dozens of antelope around, a buffalo standing still in the vase, a baboon who wanders a bit here and there. And a hyena trying to drink avoiding sharp jaws of the crocodiles, which itself is galloping antelopes each flick.

animals in kruger national park
Kruger National Park

The scene is truly magical, we look forward crocodile attack, but unfortunately nothing. Everyone is suspicious of everyone and ultimately, it is extremely difficult that everyone can eat!
We have seen enough for today. We leave Kruger Park, Is entering the region of Mpumalanga, we visited le Blyde River Canyon. We stopped a little before, near Graskop in Macmac Camp. There is justice, it is very cold outside, and it is a forest area, so quite a fire drill.
Personally it bother us more than that but the property owner comes to us, and we offer a cottage for the same price as camping!

mac mac forest retreat
Mac Mac forest Retreat

A small house or the greater part of us would like to ask if, two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, good no hot water but we are delighted.
There are still some nice people on this earth, right?