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Travel Journal to Namibia

Kuiseb Canyon & Swakopmund

Friday, June 22, 2007

We rested enough, it's the holidays, but have to think about continuing our journey! First, this road touring! A small jog in the morning, it does not hurt a dog gives us pace.

After this little club, we repackage and we head towards Swakopmund.
The beauty of the Kuisseb canyon is simply breathtaking!

Kuiseb canyon
Kuiseb canyon

Between these small rolling hills and winding roads along these walls, we can say without a doubt, it is the most beautiful road we have traveled since the beginning of the adventure!
We are twenty miles of the coast, and the clouds are more dense!
It's not a good sign that, two weeks without a cloud and it must be either on the side!
We stop at Longbeach Campsite near Swakopmund, it must be our national St Tropez!

swakopmund :Longbeach Campsite
Swakopmund : Longbeach Campsite

This city is deserted, it is certainly a holiday village for tourists and wealthy people of Namibia.
A hundred villas very chic in a green and with maximum security!
Our campsite is right next door, security is also at the appointment, bars, patrol ...., But the site is deserted and not very well maintained, it must be said out of season.
The grayness makes us a little depressed, there's nothing to do.
In a fit of madness, we decided that a head-shaving is a must!
Shaving an hour later, we shaved white! It makes you laugh and brighten our evening.