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Travel Journal to Namibia


Sunday, June 17, 2007

We're only two hours Luderitz.We have before us all day!
It is barely 9 am, when we arrive at Shark Island Campsite, small corner of the peninsula previliged of Luderitz. This small town is situated between desert and ocean makes this place quite magical!


Go now supplies water, running water at camp allows us to fill, finished water shortage!
Second step, a small city tour for this time, the food supply. But no luck, it falls ill, we are on Sunday. And Sunday is closed!
It's spring cleaning day, we get rid of pounds of sand that had piled into the car.

Stain over, break on the rocks. The shells are piled by the thousands!
We never saw that, for example, here, the mussels are the size of a hand.

mussel luderitz

But empty-handed for the lobsters, which are very famous here!
Our little outing on the rocks, we can also see our first sea lions.
Not easy to approach within ten feet, are more on guard these little beasts. Given the beauty of the area and our desire to lobster fishing (we even make a homemade harpoon!), We can stay an extra day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The tide was not on appointments, we decide to abandon our idea of lobster fishing. But it gave us water at the mouth all these ideas. We will not even leave any of Lüderitz mumbles!
So after our supply, while those who are more mundane, stop at the fish port. Namibian hundred dollars for three lobsters, ie around ten euros! It does not refuse, we will take six.
After all this direction Namib Desert, renowned in the region Sossusvlei. The distance and roads rather "crappy" force us to stop in Betta Restcamp.

betta rest camp namibia
Betta Rest Camp

Tasting of our lobsters, even pitch, without seasoning is delicious. We even offer wood for our fire! It's a small thing that makes all the difference in the mindset of managers.
Who says rock lobster, "said Wine, who said wine, said little bun!
No problem falling asleep!