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pictures landscapes of namibia

Etosha National Park

Pictures Of Namibia

Etosha National Park is one of the main sanctuaries of African wildlife.
Located in the heart of southern Africa and northern Namibia, Etosha is the leading African reserves with 22 300 km2.
Etosha is home to over 340 species of birds and 114 species of mammals, the elephant through the Giraffes and zebras at the Cape eland.
Etosha National Reserve was proclaimed in 1907.
The heart of the park is the Etosha Pan, which means "place of dry water" is a big bowl of about 5,000 km2 ...
Explore Etosha Park

Lion in Etosha

Lion in Etosha
Lion in Etosha

Impalas in Etosha

impala etosha
Two Impalas kissing

Zebras in Etosha

etosha namibia
Three Zebras drinking at a waterhole in Etosha in Namibia

Lion and Elephants in Etosha

lion & elephant in etosha
One Lion and Elephants herd

Herd Zebras

Zebra in Etosha
Zebras taking a nap in the sun

Etosha Pan

etosha pan
At the center of the Etosha National Park, the Etosha Pan

Animals in etosha

animals in Etosha
Many animals in Etosha

Etosha in Namibia

Wildebeest and Zebra in Etosha

Giraffes in Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park
Two Giraffes in Etosha National Park

Trail Etosha

etosha road
One of the many roads of the park Etosha

Etosha park

etosha park
In the distance, a herd of giraffes in the savannah of Etosha Park

One Zebra in Etosha park

Zebra etosha park
Zebra in Etosha