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National Park

Etosha National Park

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Etosha National Park


I. Map of Etosha National Park

Map of Etosha National Park

map etosha national park

II. Description of Etosha National Park

Etosha, "the big white", il situated of northern Namibia.
It houses 114 species of mammals and over 340 species of birds.
Declared game reserve in 1907, the park consisted then of 93 240 km2.

etosha park
Etosha Park

Dramatically reduced by the South African government as part of the policy of "homeland" (Odendaal plan), this park is still one of the largest game reserves in the world, stretching 350 km from east to west, an area of 22,275 km2.
At its center, the famous pan (dry salt lake) which the park takes its name, was formed by the draining of a vast inland sea, which dates from the evaporation from 2 to 10,000,000 years.
Today, this stretch of 6133 km 2 forms a vast depression of whitish clay, land of mirage, which fills with water as the rainy season and then offers a grand spectacle with the arrival of thousands of flamingos and crowned cranes.
Protected inside the vehicle, the viewer can move freely on the many marked trails in peace and contemplate life this wild world of daytime.
Outside the park, reserves and private ranches offer at a price considerably higher, a rich fauna similar but with fewer constraints (night game drives and walking tours).
The park itself is managed by Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

Etosha in Namibia

It is a highly protected area or the regulations are strict and somewhat restrictive (not game drive after sunset, no walking in the bush ... guided by a ranger).
Nevertheless, Etosha is one of the most famous parks in Africa and has the advantage of being affordable for all budgets.
His visit is a must! To sleep inside the park, it is essential to book well in advance for the austral winter months (July-September).

III. Procedures and Points of interest Etosha

Formalities Park :

The entry permit can be obtained at the tourist office or at the park office for reservation of National Park Windhoek: NAMIBIA WILDLIFE RESORTS .

Daily rate for entry to the park :
Adult: $ 80N / person.
- 16 years: free.
Cars: $ 10 N / max of 10 car seats.
Rates National Parks of Namibia.

animals etosha
Many Animals in Etosha

Bookings for accommodation should theoretically be performed in Windhoek (Etosha is a popular destination for South African tourists, especially during school holidays at Easter and early July).
If you have not booked accommodation and there is room, it is possible to pay directly to the park entrance.
The Regulation of Etosha is very strict: didn't get off the car, do pa sleep under the stars.
The camps must be met before the night (no night game drives) and only open their doors at sunrise.


Park Interests:

Inside the park, numerous gravel tracks (in good condition) can visit the reserve with its own vehicles and observe the wildlife at their own pace.
It is important to respect the rule of conduct.
For those who want the assistance of a guide (after approx. 600N $ per half day). see price .
overflights by air are also offered by Comaves, from Ongava Lodge (next to Okaukuejo) and Etosha fly in safari.
Those wishing to tour the park aboard their own vehicles should remember that the park entrance gates are open from sunrise to sunset and the speed limit is 60km / h.
It is forbidden to leave the marked trails to take passengers on the gallery of cars and walking around after dusk.

etosha park
Giraffes at Etosha Park


Upon arrival in the park, be sure to visit the "Guestbook" on both Restcamp, where you will find the latest information (place and date) on wildlife has been observed to help you choose a direction for your game drive.
In addition, feel free to post pati near a water point until the passage of various animals because they are often held there the most interesting scenes.
A water lit all night allows residents to Restcamp Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni to contemplate the animals safely.

IV.Getting to Etosha Park

By car

Etosha National Park is accessible by entries Namutoni east (435 km from Windhoek) and Okaukuejo south (535 km from Windhoek).
A parir of the capital, take the B1 in the north.
It reached Okaukuejo leaving the B1 to Otjiwarongo to take the C38 towards Outjo and Etosha National Park (clear).
To achieve Namutoni, follow the B1 via Otavi and Tsumeb, then turn left onto the C38, 84 km north of Tsumeb.
The roads are paved to the two entrances to the park.
A third door just opened to the public north of the park (on B1, then the D3645) and lodges are being velop around the area.
Namutoni and Okaukuejo are connected by a track within 129 km of main and multiple other tracks secondary and tertiary.
Access is prohibited to park bikes .
The area of the Etosha National Park open to the public is only part of the game reserve, its western portion is currently reserved for xhercheurs, veterinarians and ecologists national parks, and can be visited with tour operators or farmers whose lands border the park and can obtain a special permit.

By air

The nearest commercial airport is located in Tsumeb, 107 km from Namutoni.
It is served by flights quotideiens AIR NAMIBIA from Windhoek. Maisler Namibian airline also provides regular liaison with Mokuti Lodge (located qulques km from the entrance of Namutoni) from Windhoek and Victoria Falls.
Note the possibility of renting a vehicle in Tsumeb (IMPERIAL CAR RENTAL) and Mokuti Lodge (AVIS).
In addition, the three Restcamp Park (Namutoni, Halali, Okaukuejo) are all equipped with a gravel airstrip that can accommodate private flights (check with the national park office about the regulations regarding overflight di park and use of aerodromes).

Coordinate :
NAMIBIA WILDLIFE RESORTS - 189 Independence Avenue, PO Box 13267, Windhoek
Tel: (00 264) (0) 61 236 975/6/7/8 - FAX: (00 264) (0) 61 224 900
Website: - Email:

No car rental agency is present near the airfields of the park.

Etosha has come to air the easiest thing to contact private companies based in Windhoek or Swakopmund.

V. Climate of Etosha National Park


-If you want to see many large mammals (rhinos, elephants, cats, ...), it is best to choose the winter months of the dry season (July, August, September) we can then observe animals to water points and dry grass, and trees without leaves facilitate visibility in the savannah.

Zèbra in Etosha

Warning :
The nights are cold (jackets, gloves and hats are recommended for early morning drives and games for observations to water at night).
The average July temperature is 6 ° C. The days spent inside the car can be very hot.
-Just after the rainy season (April, May), the landscape of Etosha offers a totally different picture, where the green is dominant and the savanna is more dense.
We can then observe the young antelopes and other pups born during the rainy season.

-In summer, when the pan fills with water (January, February), ornithologists can observe migrant species not present in the winter.

Warning :
The heat and heavy, and mosquitoes are very active in this period.

Temperature and precipitation of the Etosha National Park

Temperature max
Temperature min
Rainfall (mm)

VI. Accommodation in Etosha

Hotels and lodges outside Etosha park:

Epacha Game Lodge and Spa

Epacha Game Lodge and Spa Etosha Price: € 321
Eagle Tented Lodge

Eagle Tented Lodge Price: € 190
Etosha Safari Lodge

Etosha Safari Lodge Price: € 59
Taleni Etosha Village

Taleni Etosha Village Price: € 91
Mushara Lodge Etosha

Mushara Lodge Etosha Price on request
Etosha Aoba Lodge

Etosha Aoba Lodge Price on request

All Hotels / Lodges / Camping near the Etosha Park :

» Hotels & Lodges in Etosha
» Etosha Campsite

Inside the park :

The three Restcamp park are open all year.
For several years is planned to build a fourth camp west of the park, in the now closed to the public, almost Otjovasandu, but no official confirmation has yet been issued.

The Restcamp each have a pool and a restaurant offering Troides meals a day and food stores (fruits and vegetables are generally available but the supply is not guaranteed daily): bread, boîted cans, soda fresh, dried soups, chips, biltong and usually a minimum of dairy products.

The shop also serves as a souvenir shop, tobacco retail and postcards, bookstore (some guides on the park and wildlife).

The accommodation consists of three Restcamp bungalows and rooms more or less comfortable, but all equipped with air conditioning.
Service quality is not comparable to lodge bordering the park (prices also are not the same).
A campground is also available in each camp, with shared facilities and locations of pitch.
A tip: when you arrive (before going quietly observe animals at the waterhole), install your vehicle on the location of your choice as the last campers arrived sometimes find themselves without a defined location, even having paid entry as required by the regulation ...

The restaurants serve breakfast from 7 am to 8:30 am (not very practical for people who want to get up to go see the animals at dawn, so it is advisable to make a first game drive and then take a break breakfast) lunch from 12 noon to 13:30 and dinner from 18h to 20h30.
It is strongly recommended to arrive before 20h Rstaurant if you will be served before closing (orders taken less than 30 minutes before closing time may be refused).
In the evening, the restaurants offer buffets generally, of satisfactory quality (approximately $ 50N).
Bars restaurants are open from 14h to 21h30.
A food stand is open from 8.30am to 12am and from 13:30 to 21:30.

Princing of the Etosha National Park Restcamp

Okaukuejo :

The camp, which houses the main administration of the National Park is by far the most popular, probably due to the abundance of wildlife that comes s'breuver point of water at any time of day and night.
Opened in 1955, the camp was originally named "Okakwiyu" (the woman who has a child every year), with reference to its point of water perm so useful for the surrounding wildlife.
The layout of the water point can Contemplating the scenes of night lighting, benches and small bleachers behind fences, below, that provide security without hindering the performance of visibité photographer.
The bungalows have small terraces for pleasant evenings barbecue near the water.
Deluxe rooms are narrow and the atmosphere is almost murky.
The camping ground is no greenery.

Halali :

The newest camp Etosha (1967), Halali is located halfway between Namutoni and Okaukuejo (8 km from the main road connecting the two sides to the park entrance).
The camp is gaining in popularity, thanks zu charm of the water point "Moringa" located at the foot of kopjes (granitic rocks).

Namutoni :

Namutoni, or "the place that we see far" in Oshiwambo, was an important place in the history of South-West Africa.
Indeed, the white fortress, with four crenellated towers, was home in 1897, a German base which was a sort of border impassable for Owambos their herds or arms trafficking.
The actual fort was built in 1903. The following year, just days after the signal of rebellion heroro, Chief Owambo Nechale, head of 500 armed men, attacked the garrison of Namutoni.
Rebuilt in 1907, again for the German army, the post was occupied by the South African army in 1915.
In 1938, he was severely damaged by lightning.
Restored long years later, he was a national monument in 1950 and since 1957 welcomes visitors to the park.
The main dungeon allows a panoramic view of the Etosha game reserve.

VII. Photos & Travel journal of Etosha

» Pictures of Etosha

» Travel Journal to Etosha

Source : 2008