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Travel Journal to Namibia

Meet with Bushman people

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One hundred and eighty kilometers separating us from our next stop, the Roy's Restcamp. It is located about fifty miles north of Grootfontein.
We're almost out of gasoline, but since our car consumes little, we decide not to make a detour Otjiwarongo. We take the D2512, a small road that will take us between Otavi and Grootfontein.
Can be a bad idea, they we are still a hundred kilometers to go before the next pump in Grootfontein and our LED fuel gauge starts to light up already! The decision is taken quickly, we try to go.
We have come sixty kilometers, the car we can let go at any time. We are already preparing to make the stop, the positive point is that we arrived on the main axis. We grow a car every five minutes is already that!
Eight one hundred and fifty kilometers displayed on the meter, we're here! Forty four liters is the hair cell. They're still a liter, we know what this car is capable now.
We are relieved, even though the prospect of making the stop does not bother us more than that, it is part of the adventure! Refueling is completed, yet we drive on a fifty mile and we ask ourselves as expected.

roy's restcamp namibia
Roy's Retcamp

Another restaurant in the program, we could not move next to the meat of Oryx and Must !!
As is still at will, morfale as we are, we still toes the flop! The Oryx is delicious, very tender and powerful at the same time. For the cons Kudu not top, was frying may be why. A poster shows a day at camp with the San is possible.
We have more than five hundred dollars in cash Namibia, then we pay the camp and the restaurant in BC. Small snag or MasterCard or Visa only the password. Damn, that looked to be exciting to live a whole day with people who still retain all its traditional values!
We refer a last attempt tomorrow, if the CB does not always spend our cash used to pay the camp. And goodbye to the San people!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The CB does not always come! We have a fifty euro note in a last hope we ask if the change is possible.
Mission accomplished, they agree, we have four hundred and fifty Namibian dollars more. Fluid in pocket, we left for the village of Graschoeck.
The guidebook is seventy kilometers on the C44, good way like Namibia and six kilometers to the interior or a 4x4 is essential. We're not going to stop retail. We will leave the car and walk the rest!
Happened to the famous six miles, we decided to still try. There are a lot of sand, but it happens! The car is slim now, it should no longer be a problem. But half a mile from the village, we meet face to face with a car that is stuck.
We are obliged to stop and we get bogged down in our turn. With the help of the San, we put a half hour to two car desensitization. This fabulous day can finally begin.
We spend the day with a very traditional people who have kept their ancestral customs, and nicer to boot!


We have a few hours soaking up their knowledge, their culture and everything that makes them a magic people. We discover their traditional medicine, tasting the different roots of the bush.

Bushmen of Namibia
Bushmen of Namibia

We assist in the preparation of a fire, with everything for the two pieces of wood. Smoke a pipe, produce a bow and arrows, eat, dance, play with them! So many emotions and beautiful things, it is difficult for us to talk. Until now, without hesitation, the best episode of our adventure! But the day ends too quickly, we could buy beautiful things craft, but we're dry. We leave all the same with our bows, arrows and many of our Photos of the bushmen!!

journey with the Bushmen
Pics of our journey with the Bushmen

We spend the night there, two come to us without docking. After some translation problems, we understand they need money to bury a loved one. But we have only the small money!
For N$ 20, we get two pretty necklaces. Around the fire, with Without discussion, we suggest a better way to go.