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Travel Journal to Namibia

Caprivi Strip

Thursday, July 12, 2007

After a coffee and a few passes of soccer with the San children (Must specify anyway, their ball is homemade, it's of the straw surrounded by tissue).

Soccer with children bushmen
Soccer with children bushmen

We leave the village, two San and a baby with us, they will show us the way, supposedly more accessible!
But not really in fact, we get bogged down again! An hour later and ten extra hands we can finally run normally (thank you to Bushmens be to get them close to the village).

bochiman in our Car
Bushmen in our Car

We are back on the C44, with already nostalgic for the people so authentic.
A Round we acquired two thousand five hundred Namibian dollars, for the short week that we have in Namibia. That fact can be a bit much, but we did not even buy a souvenir for us and the family.
We find an Internet room, but they know not broadband, it is impossible to view the first page of the sites we wanted to visit!
Step in our Sarasungu river Lodge could be a nice step, the Kavango is not far, little afternoon fishing, it Fessant long. But one hundred fifty dollars of Namibia for two hours per person, that's really expensive. Is abused, pisses these campsites in West!

Friday, July 13, 2007

We leave for the Popa Falls, A little over a hundred miles from here. This is our first step of crossing Caprivi Strip. The site is not very interesting, yeah, there are no falls, it is a misnomer. Be seen in the rainy season can be.

popa falls
Popa Falls

We do not camp on site and look for a campsite nearby. It will N'Gepi Camp located on the runway D3403, between Popa Falls and Mahango Game Reserve.
We retentons fishing, which worked so well before! It'll be fishing rapala this time.
Fifty dollars for 24 Namibian, it's going is not too expensive, but no fish! We also buy our stamps, and yes still not sending mail!
As usual, we're going to get wood for our fire. A cry arose from the bushes, Romain to meet the eyes ofa crocodile.
Fright, must go check it out, but after checking it is a piece of wood! " There's thrust in the air.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We leave for Kongola, manyelephant on the road. It's nice, apart from to Etosha, We have not seen. A Kongola we decide to do the grand tour, direction Mudumu the National Park on 3511.
We find a very nice campground, the Namushasha, located on the banks of the river of the same name.
We take this opportunity to post our letters, it's better to post them before leaving Namibia anyway!
We want to fish, but rental equipment is impossible for the moment, everything is already rented!
Okay we will ring tomorrow, until we clean the car thoroughly. And we try making a fishing rod cane reed is a two-meter and hook a thin blade tin can. A little too Bushman on this one!
But we replace our house with a real hook, recovered in a tree above river.

Namushasha near Kongola
Namushasha near Kongola

A small dip free well caught on the trunk, but at least our rod looks like something. But it will not be enough, no fish on the horizon!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The rods are still unavailable, wait 14h. We are going back but still nothing. Desperate we are starting to want an explanation.
And two fishing rods appear before us, the problem of understanding, they thought we wanted to fish on the boat! The material was actually available since yesterday. To understand such thing as a language is one and zero!
Our expectations and do not bring our enthusiasm for all the fish. Fishing spoon is good but without more, especially when the fish is not at the rendezvous.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Our last stop before the border from Botswana!
Refueling and supplies (as food cans, customs forces) to Katima Mulilo. We spend the night at SalambalaIs a camp run by the local community, we're really far from everything here.
The person who welcomed us was really friendly and enthusiastic, little camper this season. The camp is traversed by elephants, a pan without liquid is two steps away. A shelter set up in is at our disposal.

Salambala Conservancy

We decide to spend part of the night here, to observe the behavior animals. An elephant that night, which is something! Around midnight we cross the bush walk to our tent, small beer, very big fire and sleep.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Till late this morning and unusual.
By storing my towel, I find an animal, never seen so far! A yellow scorpion, About five centimeters above is hung. When is that half of yellow scorpions are deadly to humans is a bit scary.
When and how he got the? We are fascinated by this little animal, like kids, we unconsciously play with.


After this little diversion, we continue our road. We leave Namibia without being able to buy souvenirs. Aside for the pottery, after there has been Rundu Vendor roadsides.
Arriving at the border post at Ngoma Gate, a small problem, the paper asks us customs to leave the country! Logically we would have to complete this paper in Katima Mulilo, we knew nothing!
We know that one hundred sixty dollars Namibia are required to leave the country, but logically, we thought it was at the border.
After five minutes of discussion, a bribe of ten dollars Namibia will do! We are now in Botswana, must-see destination: Kasane.
The window at the bank is out! Can not withdraw money. There is a currency exchange, but takes at least an hour wait.
We empty our pockets, five Euros, forty Rand and Namibian six hundred thirty dollars. We cut across six hundred eighty seven Pulas!
We can take a few days with it, but if the bank remains out of service, Zimbabwe and the farewell Victoria Falls. Just for the Visa we have for six hundred pula!
Now have to find our corner to spend the night.
And the first bad surprise, no more space available in Kasane! It will be the Toro Safari Lodge at Kazungula, only camping available near the border Zimbabwe.