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Travel Journal to Botswana

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We depart for Nata, Makgadikgadi Pan to visit! The Born Lodge will be our campsite for the night. It is pretty nice, the camp is a stretch of sand, perfect for sleeping, when there was no floor mat. The camp has a pool, so we farnientons.

Campsite of Nata Lodge
Campsite of Nata Lodge

Friday, July 20, 2007

Another day monotonous, we relax as before, without doing anything. In the evening, a dog will keep us company!

Our Friend the dog

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good think you still have to get active, we start to explore the Makgadikgadi Pan is a large extended logically salt, which it seems is very pretty! We see nothing, apart from the factory that extracts the salt at Sua Pan!

Sua Pan
Sua Pan

It is confirmed the Botswana without 4X4 is very frustrating. We can just stay on the paved roads of the country, and therefore irrelevant. After this whirlwind tour of the pan, we depart for Maun and the famous Okavango Delta! We have spent three days Mokoro!
On the road we make a stop in a small Baobab Park.

Baobab of Planet Baobab

It will be the only occupation, because the scenery is monotonous to die! Three hundred kilometers further, we are finally in Maun. It is confirmed, MasterCard does not pass in Botswana!
A few kilometers out of town to join the Audi camp, and finally programmed three days of our Mokoro. But again, disappointment, their portfolio is poorly explained and Mokoro our trip, we will come back twice more expensive than the original price.
No question of paying so much, we cancel this step. Spend the night still up there, hoping that along the delta, we find the least expensive.

audi camp botswana Audi Camp

Sunday, July 22, 2007

We skirted the delta on four hundred kilometers, but still nothing. We have not even seen on the delta! After a day's drive, we finally find a campsite Shakawe, le Drotsky‘s Cabins. To locate, Shakawe is the Namibian border, even if we wanted, we can not turn back the delta above! But good news is that camping on the banks of the Okavango, a lot of vegetation, and hippos are very close!

Sunset on Okavango

Monday, July 23, 2007

This morning, fishing!
Still without success but very pleasant, the place is friendly. And this afternoon, to forget our disappointment Mokoro. We leave for a ride a boat, fishing rod in hand, we are ready to face the Tiger fish! This boat trip is really fun, we see crocodiles along the shore are fishing and fish a Tiger!

Crocodile on the bank of the Okavango

Very entertaining, we have a little more moral, as for now Botswana has greatly disappointed. In the evening, a lot of trouble sleeping, hippos are nearby, a few meters, and it makes one hell of bouque!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We leave in reverse this time and will, to the Kalahari Desert. That road, after five hundred kilometers, we ask a little below Ghanzi. Unknowingly, we land in a village san, Touristic, but very glad to have found a place to sleep!

Ghanzi trail blazers
Ghanzi trail blazers

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eight one hundred and fifty kilometers carried, half the country crossed! There's really nothing to do in Botswana. Even the Kalahari desert, do not look like a desert! With hope, we even made a detour to tshan more ink in the desert, but unsurprisingly, it's rotten! We are now at Kanye, words Lodge. Not at all welcoming and dirty. It's okay, we just eat and go for the night.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It takes the same and again!
Six hundred miles today, a little detour to Lobatse, but no camping! We take this opportunity anyway to post our mail, it will at least have that. Romain is getting sick, very high fever, unable to move. Malaria? Luckily, in Mahalapaye, we find that the lodge. It's not too expensive, and we saw absolutely nothing, is our little likes of Botswana!