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Travel Journal to Namibia

Epupa Falls and Himbas people

Thursday, June 28, 2007

After filing Azelza his sister, we leave for Epupa Falls. Even if everyone tells us it is impossible in standard car, we try to show the scope of our own eyes.
It left for the passage of Himba country and the famous waterfalls of the Kunene River. As beautiful as the Victoria Falls for the locals!
Our flat tire and our leak coolant, even when we make a little anxious! Some interesting event feeds four hours away! First, we try to create contact with two Himbas.

Himba of  namibia
Himba of namibia

But just lost! Even the improvised sign language is useless! Second event, we were blocked by a demonstration. It was for a good cause, the survival of their primary school! Ten Namibian dollars if we continue our journey.
A 4x4 behind us, certainly big idiots, bypasses and password without giving anything. But the winner is us, hear the applause, cries of joy and a song sung by a fifty small children, it warms my heart!
Here we are now at the Angolan border, 180km in four hours, we've had worse! Should not believe everything you're told, in standard car it goes smoothly, at least in this season!
So Epupa Falls, first bad surprise, more spaces, campsites are all full!
Second nasty surprise, attitudes here are the West, they have captured well the vein of tourist business!
We still come to negotiate another site, the Hot Springs opens its doors for a series of 4X4!
Luckily we snuck because for us it stay closed!
The magic of the place makes us quickly forget that feeling that they are idiots! Much vegetation here is not the jungle but almost! The falls are beautiful, and sublime scenery!

We start looking for CrocodilesBut without success.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Second day at Epupa, we decide to make a small raft, but given the organizers denied to us, we zap! Tanpis, we'll do it next time!
Instead, not change, we decide to hike.

epupa falls
Epupa falls

We see a Varan, but still no croc in sight. They must be on the other side, but blocks access to Lodge and organizes special trails to do some more tunes on the back of the crocodile!
We still managed to make five to six hours of hiking in the wilderness, preservation of all human activity, but for how long?!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

We toured the Falls, we left for Opuwo, but just an intermediate step. It is the easiest access for Ruacana Falls.
This time, we can establish contact with the Himba. But unfortunately, many of them, even if they have kept their traditional appearance, are only interested in profit. They are asking for a ten dollar Namibian photo is bad!

Meet with Himbas

But whose fault is it?? We're back in our little Kunene Village Restcamp and future direction Ruacana Falls! By avoiding the rocks, and yes it is not a Roman 4X4!