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Travel Journal to Namibia

Of ruacana falls to Oshakati

Sunday, July 1, 2007

We arrive at Ruacana Falls, Bah if we can even call it that because a dam has made its appearance.
That is unfortunate for us, but it can provide electricity to thousands.
As you might expect, we will not linger, and Hippo Pool Restcamp direction. Normally there should be not Hippos?

Bark on the kunene river
Bark on the kunene river

Is this the season or the dam, we do not know, no trace of hippo!
So what can we do to the Angolan border, if there is no waterfall, or hippo?
Bah not much! On a whim, we run the risk of swimming in the Kunene. We are still not very reassured, alligator forces!
After this trip water, a dozen young Ruacana, we come ashore. After several minutes of mistrust, the atmosphere is relaxed and we picolons together!
We have a good laugh with them, they knew neither the twins nor the MP3 player. They seemed to fully appreciate the hard rock, press up, unknown to them!

Monday, Jul. 2 2007

We decide to further explore this region. We walk along the Angolan border on the D3700, ten kilometers to come later in a small camp.
Unable to find his name, but we recommend to everyone!
This camp is really brief, it is situated on the banks of the Kunene River, we set up our tent among the dense vegetation.

Banks of the Kunene River
Banks of the Kunene River

We are on the territory of Happy, They are mischievous little monkeys.
They have a very demonstrative way to show that we have nothing to do there! Our car was targeted by shitting on it!
Demonstration of intimidation failed, we intend to stay no matter how much shit dropped!
Point clarified, it would be a shame not to enjoy the abundance of fish that we offer the Kunene. We call a fishing rod (courtesy pay), and start our launch.
The bottom of the Kunene is not very suitable for fishing lead ten minutes later, broken line.
We do not lose hope, we give five dollars to Namibian very nice man in exchange for other sinkers and hooks!
Three hours later, first fish caught by Romain! But it only takes one hour to, for one, the fish escapes, and two, again broke all the lines.
No fish tonight so ...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stubborn, we stay an extra day. We go to hunt seals and fish hooks.
Mission accomplished, we retrieve all those who had lost the day!
Another day of fishing ahead. Of course after a few broken lines, we catch four fish and some small sardines.
You say a good meal waiting for them! But again, no fish fled again due to a not very sturdy bag.
But luckily there was one who was dead, it'll be a start! This is not much, but our fish.

fish of kunene river
Fish of the Kunene River

During the tasting of our famous fish, Happy reissued their feat. A mixture of piss and shit splashing our tent, few meters from us!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gone fishing, we must continue our journey. We leave the fishing rods in the state with, lead or hook, to its owner.
We decide to change our itinerary, we'll go over the Etosha.
It would be a shame to be so near and not know the area. The northern region of Namibia is a limit overcrowding, no more hello hand, people do notice us even more.
African customs are always suspected but the mood is more to the West.
The problem of mankind is he the population density? We cross the area of trafficking.


Something strange still there. Each unit is a bar! A point to clarify the real nature of these institutions.
Four hundred miles later, here we are at a fifty miles of the door is Etosha.
We had a health check, which could end up wrong. Indeed while he was driving Romain does not have the international license.
But we exchanged papers, and even after a rigorous audit, they have not noticed!
After this time cons light, We sit about thirty miles to the gate of Namutoni (Etosha), at Camp Sachsenheim held by Germans.
We are finally getting a shower! Wait for tomorrow, Etosha Park ... The adventure begins!