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Travel Journal to Namibia

Etosha and its wildlife

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Etosha, What is it?
This is one of the largest wildlife reserves in the world, it stretches over three hundred and fifty kilometers from east to west, an area of 22,275 km2.

entrance of etosha
The entrance of Etosha

This day promises so great surprises! But unfortunately, we enter the summer period of South African, and all campsites in the reserve are full! That's the drawback of not booking in advance!
We could see a lot of herbivores such as, Gnu, Oryx, Giraffes, Springboks, Zebras.... But still no Elephants or a carnivore!


Only an elephant is moving just a little that day. The reserve will close, we go out and start looking for a campsite.
But even around, everything is complete! We retentons our campsite the night before, and accuracy, the manager is willing to welcome us. We have no location, just a little piece of grass next to health!
Not that terrible day, thousands of miles to see the animals we had seen! So to cheer up a bit this day, we decided to do a little restaurant.
It is a self service will, for one hundred and ten dollars of Namibia, we literally flop toes. It's been a while since we had not eaten as well. We conclude with a meeting with French and then bed.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Up very early this morning, 5:30, we want to be at the opening of the park. It is very cold but we're motivated, hopefully we'll have more luck than yesterday!
Move forward an hour until 16.30, we've already made four hundred kilometers and still nothing. We have one hour before the park closes, our thought is .... Etosha is really rotten!
But hey, go last hope, we decide to visit one last shot of water, Olifantbad. Hey! Pleasant surprise, three lions are just ahead!

Lions in Etosha

They do not seem to be afraid of us, they do not move. Meet the eyes ofLion gives a good overview of his power!
Unfortunately my camera kidding, Samsung shit is shit! Its not serious will be inked in my head and also Photos Etosha Romain!
And it's not over, our famous elephants have emerged, and this time, a little more active! The herd drink among lions, which left room. Who is really the king of beasts?

Etosha : lions & Elephants

The park closes in half an hour, we are still negotiating a few minutes to admire the spectacle, but you really have to go now! These thirty minutes, was well worth the two days to turn around, we come out of Marvel!
Now that we left the park, to find a campsite. Not surprisingly, over one hundred kilometers everything is complete. A large desapointement on this side of Namibia tourism, but to do with. We find ourselves between Outjo and Otjiwarongo, we buy enough for a sandwich and slept on a rest area.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

After this good last night in the car, we stopped at Otjiwarongo. This city is not very touristy, we find easily a campsite, Acacia Park! We are even the only occupants.
After full of food in a Super Spar, really the Western farnientons us a little.
We take this opportunity to call our parents, in a minute, this card is twenty dollars Namibian tilt!
Alongside is the crocodile ranch OtjiwarongoAs we have not yet had the opportunity to see crocodiles, we do a little tour.

Crocodile in Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch

To see but not very active these big beasts!
We do a small tour in town to find an Internet Point. One Saturday afternoon, it's not worth it! We will again divert our route, we are not far from the Waterberg, so why not!