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Travel Journal to Namibia

Waterberg plateau & School Primary to Okakarara

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Waterberg Plateau

An hour will suffice to join the Bush Camp.It is the last camping along the D2512 along the Waterberg. We find ourselves alone in this camp still very remote, it's perfect for us, campsites in the western do not interest us.

Bush camp in the Waterberg

Another lazy day, we write our postcards, purchased earlier in Etosha.
And we try to make a fire in the bushman, ie with two sticks! Our attempts are futile, certainly the wood that is not appropriate.
In the evening, a man who calls himself a guide, we just provide services. We propose visiting a traditional village, two kilometers from Okakarara. After negotiation, we agree, we haggle service at half price, we spend three hundred Namibian hundred and fifty dollars!
We spent the rest of the evening discussing the fauna of the region, and one that we met during our trip, very informative!
So tomorrow, standing seven hours to visit the traditional village. Day full of surprises ahead!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Eight o'clock in the morning, our guide arrived. The village of Keltcha is an hour from here, we lay our car in a sort of slum with open dump.
Our guide assures us, no danger to the car, we trust him. But this village is not traditional, at least not in our traditional perspective! Are we being scammed?
Fortunately it is not, we store just the car. The village is still three miles to walk. Resuming hope, a village in the bush can only be traditional!
The three km done, we finally arrive. This is the same slum, but smaller. The village is one family, the reception is a bit weird. They are dressed as homeless people, in traditional dress!

keltcha village, near Okakarara
keltcha village, near Okakarara

Aside from the small houses of sheet metal and earth, and a herd of goats, this is not really top! Twenty minutes later, we have already replied.
Our guide takes us to the discovery of an elementary school. This part was really excellent, we were children sang a few songs. One of the few Westerners to this incredible experience!

School primary's namibian
Okakarara School primary

We lay our guide was very friendly, and leave for the whole afternoon to explore the Waterberg! An exceptional flora and fauna found there.

Hiking to Waterberg Plateau National park
Hiking to Waterberg Plateau National park

We catch a warthog trying to drink from a water point. On foot, we are less proud, we are ready to pounce on the first part of our focused.
But Luckily for us, he also took fright and ran off, bah to all bars instead.
We have not had time to fully explore the Waterberg, but it is really worth doing!