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Travel Journal to Namibia

Crossing Kaokoland

Monday, June 25, 2007

The site is Twyfelfontein paying, and as we have already seen the cave paintings, we decide to ignore this site.
We're all the same geological sites free surroundings. The Burn Mountain and the organ pipes are nearby. Not more than twenty minutes is enough to go around. Pretty but not exceptional. On our road, Sesfontein direction,is the Petrified Forest.
We made a detour of about thirty kilometers to go, even if we discover that it pays, we do.
It's a fifty old petrified trunks of two hundred fifty million years that litter the ground, apart from being an enthusiast in geology is a bit boring.

petrified forest
Petrified Forest

After this quick stop without much interest, we continue as planned to Sesfontein. On the road we cross the concession Palmwag, where wildlife is abundant indeed, giraffe, oryx, ostrich ...
With all these photo stops, we're two hours to cross it, must also be said that the road quality is not great!
We finally arrived at Sesfontein is a small village, without much interest, but interesting to observe the rural life of Namibian remote. Poverty is pervasive.
We sat at the Fort Sesfontein Lodge. After our daily braii, we insist on a chorale of the village children. It plunges us into a more pleasant atmosphere African. They are really talented!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After one hundred twenty kilometers, we arrive at Opuwo.


This is the last major city in northwestern Namibian ethnic mixing is very present. Himba, Herero Afrikans and mingle in a warm and pleasant.
We do not need time for adaptation, the natives are smiling and we hardly notice.
We sat in camp Opuwo Hotel overlooking the city. Here, there's lawn, we had not seen a soil as green since the beginning of our adventure!
A little disgusting, in a country that is desperately short of water.
If Opuwo is a charming place, the crawl is done outdoors, pigs seem to like it, we are a bit less but we made it!
Night falls, we decided to do a little night out! We will test bars Namibians!

We choose a small bar on the main road, and we will order a beer. First good surprise is 75cl beers here, and only nine dollars for Namibian!
A small pool tournament improvised on an African atmosphere.
A victory, two defeats, we could have done better! The pool only costs a dollar Namibian, given the level of life of Namibians, it must be their little pleasure after work!!
After being well integrated, we decided to taste the wine Namibian. A discussion breaks out a little rough on the quality of wine, the alcohol begins to take effect. Should we say that booze all afternoon without swallowing!
We are raising the tone, and are ignoring the rest of the bar, we had to point out as a Namibian just calm things down by starting a discussion. The discussion resumed its calm and we decided to go to bed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We stay an extra day in Opuwo. But we will change Campsite, we will test the Kunene Restcamp Village. It is lowest in entering the city, not far from the slums. But it has the advantage of being held by the local community, the NACOBTA! Ah yes, must not put lawn, we are left without paying the hotel Opuwo although the keeper was charming, too bad!
Kunene Village Restcamp in, and Juanes Azelza welcome us, they are very nice people. Azelza lend us even music.

opuwo kunene restcamp namibia
Kunene Village Rest camp

This time, we pay, it maybe not luxurious, but it's traditional and really friendly as ambience. The only problem, a French tour operator settles in next to us. We will say no more ...!