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nature reserve south africa

Nature reserve
Augrabies Falls National Park Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies National Park

Nature Reserve of South Africa

I. Presentation of the National Park Augrabies Falls

Located in Cape Province du Nord (Northern Cape), the Augrabies Falls National Park is located on the Orange River in South Africa , in the Augrabies Falls National Park.
The waterfalls of the park are about 60m high.

Augrabies Falls recorded 7.800m3 per second of water in the floods in 1988 (and 6800m3 in the floods of 2006).

augrabies National park
Augrabies Falls National Park

The flow of Niagara Falls is 2400m3 per second, or more than four times the average annual Niagara.
The grooves Park Augrabies Falls is 240 m deep and 18 km long and is an impressive example the erosion of granite.

II. Getting to Augrabies Falls

National Park Augrabies Falls is located 120 km west of Upington and 40 km northwest of Kakamas on a tarred road.
There are domestic air links to Upington and a private airfield 5 km from the Augrabies Park.
The roads inside the park are gravel.
map to go augrabies
Map of Augrabies Falls National Park


Park Hours:
- April to September: 06h30-22h00 to
- October-March: 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Contacts :

Tel: +27 (0) 54 452 9200
Fax: +27 (0) 54 451 5003

III. Activities Augrabies Falls

The hen the Orange River is in full flood, few site is as deafening as the fall of 56 meters Augrabies. Klipspringer and Quiver Trees are among the silhouettes African sky, silent sentinels in a strangely unique environment where only those able to adapt are able to survive.
The 55,383-hectare park provides a refuge for species diversity, tiny succulents, birds and reptiles, as well as Springboks , Oryx or Giraffes .
Shot Augrabies falls
Plan Augrabies Falls National Park

Waterfall Main:

As the Orange River approaches Augrabies Falls it divides into numerous channels before cascading over the waterfall 56 meters high.
The river then continues its way through a gorge 18 km.
The sight and sound of the power of the water will remain unforgettable.

augrabies falls
Main Falls

Moon Rock:

A massive exfoliation dome or "whale-back" which is an important landmark of Augrabies Falls.
The march toward the summit will give one of the best views of the park and its surroundings.

Moon Rock

Swart Rant:

These foreboding black hills are another distinct step in Augrabies.
Quartz-poor, these igneous rocks appear to form a natural border between the hostile environment of the region of the throat and a more fertile area on the other side.
The contrast between the two landscapes is the most visible top Swart Rant.

Oranjekom & Ararat:

These viewpoints give visitors the best opportunity to observe the gorges and wildlife found there.
The main animals are to observe the eagles, which prey on abundant populations of rock hyraxes, and the otter Clawless Cape that are sometimes seen in the river gorge.


Echo Corner:

The most views from the Rest Camp, the road to Echo Corner takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the park.
As its name indicates the long echo can be produced.
It is also the starting point for the Gariep 3-in-1 Adventure.

Night drive:

4 people minimum, subject to availability and book directly with the park.

Gariep 3-in-1 Adventure:

is an adventure into three parts including canoeing for 3 km downstream of the mighty Orange River, walking 4 km back to camp and mountain bike (11 km).
Contact the park for a request for information or reservations.

IV. Tariff for entry of Augrabies National Park: Price 2011 / 2012

South African Residents: 25 Rand per person per day.
SADC Nationals (with passport): 90 Rand per adult / R25 per child (- 12) per day.
Standard rate (Europe, U.S. etc.): 100 rand per person per day. / R50 per child (- 12) per day.

V. Accommodation in Augrabies

Augrabies Restcamp

Even within the National Park Augrabies Falls, a rest camp is present (Campsite, bungalows, restaurant).
A picnic area with barbecue and 3 swimming pools are provided for these hot days.

augrabies restcamp
Augrabies Restcamp

- Camp Site: 155 Rand (2 persons) - 54 Rand per adult and 27 Rand extra per child. (Max 6 per / location).
- Cottage: from 655 to 775 Rand (2 persons)
- Cottage: from 1275 to 1575 Rand (4 persons)
- Full Price in 2011 and 2012

VI. Climate

Augrabies is located in a semiarid region, implying a low annual rainfall and extreme temperature fluctuations.
In the summer months (January / February), the average daytime temperature is 41 ° C, but highs of 46 ° C were recorded.
During these months, high temperatures are exacerbated by many rocks, where temperatures can reach up to 70 ° C during the day.
Summer nights are generally pleasant, but temperatures will remain high at about 25 ° C.
During the winter months, the average daytime temperature often hovers around 20 ° C but lower temperatures are a possibility.
Winter nights are on average around 0 ° even if the temperature drops to -5 ° to the occasion.
In autumn and spring the weather is pleasant, and temperatures are moderate.


The average annual rainfall is 107mm in the park, is the most rainfall occurs between November and April.
Pluiee the summer usually falls at once, heavy bursts, accompanied by spectacular thunderstorms and strong winds.
Winter rains are gentle and the result is a paradise of flowers.
Weather at Augrabies .

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VIII. Other national parks in south africa

- Blyde River Canyon - The Kruger National Park

Source: 2011