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National Park

Fish River Canyon

National Park of namibia

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Fish River Canyon

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Fish River Canyon

fish river canyon
Fish River canyon

I. Description of Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Cayon is a unique nature reserve in Africa because of its size (the second in the world after the Grand Canyon in Colorado) and geological interest.
In the desert of rock, a real break from the high plateau is suddenly.
immerse the eye along the dark walls and steep, which shines down on the green netting of the Fish River.
This canyon tortured, dug by the capricious river over a length of 161 km, with vertical drop of over 550 m high, arid plateau in the shear a hole spectacular, worthy of his cousin, Grand Canyon of Colarado, United States.

fish river canyon
View point of Hobas : Fish River Canyon

The decor rocks chiseled by Leros animated shadows and light at dawn and dusk.

The Fish River Canyon (the longest river in Namibia) has its source in the Naukluft mountains and runs through the desert lands of 700km before reaching the Orange River.
At the bottom of the canyon, the little river that can flood fierce, no longer flows in dry season .
Will then form a serie of basins, to the delight of wildlife . zebras , baboons, Oryx , klipspringer, hares ... leopard and know how to enjoy this source of life.
Some succulents and dense clumps of grass to provide grazing game animals in the bed of the river, while on the rocky slopes cling quiver as well as Euphorbia .
The "yellow fish" and barbel inhabit the water holes Permanet.

Ai-Ais Hot Resort

The immensity of the plate vibrates under the heat (which in summer can reach 70 ° c on the ground).

ai ais namibia
Canyon of Ai-Ais

Rocky land appears white hot. An apartheid oasis in the blur of the horizon is the spa town of Ai-Ais, a striking village of bungalows here to build the Nama , provides water rich in fluoride, sulfate and chloride, known for their benefits ( but not drinking ).
Ai-Ais is also the point drop in the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail.

II. Procedures and Points of interest Fish River canyon


Two points of entry to the park's Fish River Canyon of interest to travelers: Hobas and AI-Ais.

You can come and see the canyon from the entrance of Hobas during the day, but it is not allowed to go down if you do not stay in the park several days.
The information center at the entrance reminds visitors and hikers to respect the rules in the national park.

Main View Point and Hiker's View is available in standard vehicle (10 km after Hobas).
It is necessary to have a 4x4 to access other views along the canyon.

Entrance fees (not including accommodation):


Adult (16yrs +) $ = 80N Car = $ 10N

Ai-Ais Hot Resort:

Adult (16yrs +) $ = 80N
Car = $ 10N

- Offcial site for reservations:

Points of interest

ai ais hotspring resort
Ai-Ais hotspring resort

Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail:

The View Point 10km HOBAS known site is the starting point of the famous hike follows the course of the river to Ai-Ais.
The route is 80 km long and lasts 4 to 5 days.
It is open from 15 April to 15 September.
Groups of 3 minimum and a maximum of 40 people are allowed. No children under 12 years.
Reservations must be made well in advance.
Price: 135 N $ per person. The return to Ai-Ais Hobas must be arranged directly with the office of Ai-Ais, approximately 40 N $ per person.
All over Fish River Canyon hike to pay the normal fees for the first day only.
A medical certificate less than 40 days is required and must be submitted to the office Hobas.
For more information: and Plan of Kiking Trail (Hobas - Ai-Ais)

III. Access to the Fish River Canyon

Leaving Keetmanshoop , take the B4 towards Luderitz then turn left onto the C12 .

road which joins Hobas to Ai-Ais
C37 road which joins Hobas to Ai-Ais in the Fish River Canyon

Attention to the river Löwen which may require a 4x4 to cross during the rainy season .
After the station Hollog take the C37 that leads to sites Hobas and Ai-Ais , respectively upstream and downstream of the Fish River Canyon.

map Fish River Canyon
Map of Fish River Canyon

IV. Accommodation in Fish River Canyon

Canon Lodge

Canon Lodge
Price on request
Canon Roadhouse

Canon Roadhouse
Price on request
Canon Village Cottage

Canon Village Cottage
Price on request

All Hotels / Lodges / Camping in the Fish River Canyon

» Hotels & Lodges of Fish River Canyon
» Campsite Fish River Canyon

Accommodation in Hobas:

- Camping Hobas: $ 99N to 99N + location per person.
website :
See also : Reviews of camping Hobas

Accommodation in Ai-Ais:

- Ai-Ais Hotspring Resort: $ 99N to 99N + location per person.
website :
See also : Reviews of the Camping Ai-Ais

V. Geology of Canyon

view point Hobas
One other view point of Fish River Canyon

Phase 1:
there are 2 billion years, the sedimentary layers of shale, sandstone and lava were deposited furniture and metamorphosed under the action of heat and pressure of more compact materials such as gneiss;

Phase 2:
There are 1 billion years, cracks have formed causing the intrusion of igneous rock that were formed by cooling of the dikes. Consequence: the surface has been eroded to form a basin covered by a shallow sea that was filled with sediment

Phase 3:
there are 500 million years, a period of intense tectonic activity has opened a wide fissure giving rise to the upper canyon. River, meanwhile, it carved its winding course through the underground rock strata to form the lower canyon today.

VI. Photos of Fish River Canyon

- Pictures of Fish River canyon

VIII. Bookstore

- Richtersveld and Fish River Canyon GPS Adventures 2008: Ms.R70

- Touring Map of Namibia: Etosha Pan, Windhoek and Fish River Canyon

- Namibia Touring Map: Ethosha Pan, Windhoek and Fish River Canyon

- Travel Journal to Fish River Canyon

Source : 2008